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To Khurram and Umar, KCS Thank you for the help and support, very much appreciated. A BIG THANK YOU!  
To Khurram & Umar, Thank you so much for your help & support during this whole process.  Your efforts are much appreciated. Can't thank you enough! Best Wishes.  
Mandeep Duggal
To Mr Umar & Team Many thanks for your expert advice and support.  Your work means my husband and I were reunited within months.  
Mehjabin & Rizwan "Mehjabin & Rizwan
Dear Mr. Umar, I would like to take this opportunity to express that it was a pleasure dealing with Khurram and Co Solicitors, and i had full confidence at all stages that my case was dealt with in a thorough and professional manner, and i would not hesitate recommending you to others. Once again i would like to thank you for all your hard work, and congratulate you on your success.  
Musarrat Bano
To Omar, The kindnest and thoughtfulness that you've shown will always be remembered. For your hard work and assuraring words THANK YOU. Beverly & Geddes Gayle xxx  
Beverly Gayle
Thank You for the service you offered, I was happy with the result, and would recommend you to other people.  
Tracy Dunn
I found KCS very very co-operative they guide us breifly at every stepof our case, kept inform on time does not matter its saturday or sunday. They presented my and my family's case in the Home Office in excelent way, they have explain beautifully every single issue related to our case to the Home Office. I would strongly recommend them. THANKS TO KCS.  
Iftikhar Ahmad & Family

Dear Mr. Khurram,

I would like to thank you for your enormous help in the processing of my visa application. It was a tough and rough fight but in His fruitful time, was granted. You and your co-solicitors was the instrument of this fulfillment. Gratitude will always be mine and this will be forever be appreciated. Again, my warmest and sincerest thanks to you and your team.

Forwarding you a copy of my residence permit, for your reference.

Marjolet Zamuco
To Mr Khurram and Team, Thank you very much. From Monica and Tarcisio Xuereb  
Monica and Tarcisio Xuereb
Just to say thank you... Your kindness could't be more appreciated.  Thank you very much for all your help and support, guidance.  Thank God its nearly over! But I'll be back! (lol)  
Shabana, Usman and Eesah
Excellent, efficient and punctual service  
Ahsan Akthar
You're the best, and you're appreciated more than words can say.  Thanks you very much for the good job you have done for me, God bless and keep you going.  Keep up the good work.  
Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your hard work.  
Farhad Ahmed
A little note to say a BIG thank you! Thank you for all your hard work, we are really greatful. God Bless  
Georgia, Am-Toni and Bhianca
Would like to say a big thank you. Much appreciated! 🙂  
Randip and Akvir
Thank you very much for all your hardwork.  You've been a wonderful help and I do appreciate all that you've done for me.  What you did was lovely and deserves special praise, it was lovely, kind and generous in so many ways! Thank you very much!
Latoya and Shimani
Your kindness has a sunshine touch... Just want to say 'thanks so much!'  
Many many thanks to you you have been very very help full in our distress time and have managed and done the job excellent for us we will recommend other's both for superb work you have done very happy and also congrate you for your efford to put in our case. Thanks!  
Gurdiaal and Jagmohan
I know it's been a whle but I just wanted to say thanks for all yuor hard work.  Even when i wanted to give up you never did I remember these words you said to me one day when i walked in feeling sad and wore out fed up you said 'Andrea dont give up just Pray' and they stick with me those are strong words of encourage and they keep me going thanks a million may God continue to bless you and your team. Keep up the good work you are a strong and a good young man.  
Andrea and Terron
Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and effort.  It wouldn't have been possible without you.  You are a million times better than [Blank] Solicitors.  I really truely appreciate your efforts and putting up with me.  Thank you. xxx  
Mrs Farzana Begum
Words can't express the gratitude I feel when I think about what you have done.  I'll just say thanks.
"Good Service , 1010 Technology"
1010 Technology