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Asian Resource Centre



The Asian Resource Centre is a front-line community-based, not-for-profit organisation in Handsworth. Birmingham, UK. 

The Centre serves the needs of the local communities, most of which are Asian, through the use of their own mother-tongues, with a deep understanding of the religious, cultural and national aspirations of the people it serves. It provides resources and practical help, with a coherent policy of anti-racism, anti-sexism and non-discriminatory practices.

Ministry of Justice



The First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) is an independent Tribunal dealing with appeals against decisions made by the Home Secretary and her officials in immigration, asylum and nationality matters.

The main types of appeal we receive are made against decisions to:

  • Refuse a person asylum in the UK.
  • Refuse a person entry to, or leave to remain in, the UK.
  • Deport someone already in the UK.  

Appeals are heard by one or more Judges who are sometimes accompanied by non legal members of the Tribunal. Judges and non legal members are appointed by the Lord Chancellor and together form an independent judicial body.

Home Office



UK Visas and Immigration is responsible for making millions of decisions every year about who has the right to visit or stay in the country, with a firm emphasis on national security and a culture of customer satisfaction for people who come here legally.

Citizens Advice Bureau



We aim to provide the advice people need for the problems they face and improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives. 

We provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination.



We at Khurram & Co Solicitors are aware that remaining properly hydrated will aid us to perform at our very best throughout the day. As a result, we decided to invest in water dispensers from AquAid.

Our unique relationship with AquAid has also given our company the opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves, because with each purchase an automatic donation is made to the Africa Trust. These funds are used to build ‘Elephant Pumps’ – a modified version of an age old Chinese rope pulley system. One such pump is currently being installed in Africa on our behalf and it will be a much needed source of clean and fresh drinking water for many.

Our company’s name will be proudly displayed on our well and we look forward to adding some photos and letters of thanks from the villagers to our site in the near future.

To date AquAid have built over 5,000 such Elephant Pumps across parts of Zimbabwe and Malawi; and have donated in excess of £8 million to charity.

Eye Witness App


Don’t be a bystander to harassment and hate crime. Put a stop to antisocial behaviour with the new eyewitness app.

*Safety First

Do not compromise your personal safety by using this app inappropriately

If you believe someone’s life is in imminent danger, a threat of serious injury, a serious crime in progress, or an emergency situation, call 999 immediately, Alternatively call 101 or 112 if it is not an emergency.

Don’t be a ‘have-a-go-hero’ unless you really know what you are doing
Help the victim but only if and when it is safe to do so, Deliberately creating false/misrepresented evidence is likely to be discovered and may lead to criminal or civil action against you