Solicitors in West Bromwich: – Khurram and Co. Solicitors are a private Solicitors firm based in West Bromwich. Our core is the provision of legal services to the less advantaged sections of the local community.

This has dictated the areas of law covered, mainly immigration, criminal and civil litigation, family which are at a competitive private rate and the main sources of referrals from voluntary sector organisations such as charities and government funded centres.

We are based in the heart of West Midlands provide services in the surrounding geographical areas, Smethwick, Handsworth, and Oldbury , a multinational community, mainly originating from the New Commonwealth.

The office is open 10:00am to 5:00pm weekdays. There is an emergency telephone contact out of hours.  We provide home visits on request. In house languages are Urdu, Mirpuri, Hindi and Punjabi.  We have access to interpreters in all languages required.

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