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Kindly note the prices below are fees inclusive of VAT estimated for standard cases to be used as guidance only. The final fee will be agreed with you based on the complexity of the case.

Please note there maybe be additional costs, disbursements which relate to fees payable to 3rd parties such as the Home Office, interpreters, barristers etc.

Please click on the following link for:

Home Office fees – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/visa-regulations-revised-table,

IHS Fees – https://www.gov.uk/healthcare-immigration-application

Type of Application

This includes the advice and assistance in relation to all steps in preparing and submitting your application up to a decision.

Fees starts from
(inclusive of VAT)

First Consultation


One Hour Consultation


For Businesses

Sponsorship License for SME Business


For Individuals*

Tier 1 Entrepreneur / Graduate Entrepreneur Visa


Tier 2 Visas


Tier 4 Student Visas


Standard Visitor/ Marriage Visitor/ 

Parent of Tier 4 Student Visitor Visa



Application to join British Citizen in the UK as a spouse, parent or child


EEA Residence Card/ Family Permit Visa  for non-EEA nationals


EEA Permanent Residence Application


Further Leave to Remain / Discretionary Leave to Remain / Settlement Applications 


Family Reunion Application (per applicant)


Settlement Application following Refugee Status



British Nationality Application



NTL, TOC Applications


BRP Replacement, Travel Document Applications


Tribunal and Court Matters*

First Tier Tribunal Appeals


Stage 1 – Up to and includes lodging an appeal, including drafting grounds

Stage 2 – Up to and includes all work up to the hearing including attendance at the hearing.  Plus barrister fees if this is requested.

Adjourned hearings

£500.00(+£100.00 for each additional appellant)




Upper Tribunal Appeals

Stage 1 – Up to and includes lodging of Grounds of Appeal at the First Tier Tribunal 

Stage 2 – Up to and includes lodging of Grounds of Appeal at the Upper Tribunal 

Stage 3 – Up to and including representation at the Hearing 




Bail Applications


Deportation Appeal